Strength in Numbers: Why You Need a Workout Buddy to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Though you have had heard the importance of exercise and working out, it is easy to get caught up in our busy lives and shy away from those who invite you to experience the gym. This is normal; we all have experienced this before but setting aside time to exercise is extremely important, both mentally and physically. Otherwise, if we don't we eventually fall sick. You can’t just wait for the doctor to recommend you to start an exercise program, you must do it for yourself.

If you haven’t exercised your body for a long time, you really have to stop whatever you are doing and get into the gym; you will see that you have been missing out on the great benefits of a workout. If you have been exercising your body, then I should say, “Pat on the back to you."

As human beings, we need a partner who can reach out to us in times of need. Imagine Woody, in Toy Story, without any friends to help him. Who would have come to his rescue when he was stolen and helpless? Woody needed his friend, Buzz Lightyear and his team, to rescue him. So is life. None of us can do better alone. We need guidance at work; we need guidance at home; we need to firmly grip that hand to rise and shine. We definitely need a partner in everything we do in order to do better. Consider the following reasons you need a reliable and experienced workout partner:

A Workout Partner Provides Accountability

All of us—if we want to live healthier and longer—must exercise our bodies. You know this. So, you should go to the gym when you have time. All alone, you sometimes feel like giving up on the workout, even though you know the importance of exercising your body. In case you are wondering why you have been slacking off, the answer is that you're doing it all alone; notice the emphasis on the phrase all alone. Yes, a workout partner is great to motivate you to go to the gym when you don’t feel like it; after all, doing pushups is for your well-being and exercising regularly will help you keep the weight off. Isn't that what we want? To look good and feel good. So having a partner to hold you accountable is all you need. It is for this reason that a workout partner is here to help you in hard times.

A Workout Partner is your friend

With a workout partner, not only can you be encouraged to exercise, you can also have fun during the workout. Instead of exercising all alone and feeling your body complain for how much you hate burpees, you can watch each other exercise and chuckle when you both fail. Together, there is no possibility of you giving up; you can encourage each other through each exercise and the great the thing is it will also make the time go by a lot faster. This is when you get to hear your friend say, “Come on, can do it! Get off the floor and try again! I believe in you, you can do it.” Together, you can watch each exercise go from a difficult task to a piece of cake: you can push each other from one side to the other and laugh as you come out of the gym. As you approach the workout this way, you will always feel motivated to go to the gym; you simply can’t wait for daybreak to see that one friend of yours, your loyal partner. Even when you get tired during the exercise and lose your focus on the workout or lose attention, you have a partner to get you back on track.

Competitive Partner

Exercising with your partner can be more fun than you think: If you're a competitive person you can challenge each other to a contest such as a plank challenge.  Try starting with a 30 second plank and each day of the month add 5 seconds. It's a friendly competition the two of you can share together and before you know it you'll be doing a 2 minute plank in no-time.  It's amazing how competitive some of us can get when pride is on the line!

Try Various Exercises

With your partner by your side, you can try different exercises and have more fun while burning those calories. Aside from the well-known pushups, try high intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises such as burpees, mountain climbers, jump squats.These exercises will accelerate the heart rate and burn much more fat in a shorter period of time. By Changing up your workout the both of you won't get bored of the same old routine and you'll be less likely to hit any plateaus along the way.

All alone, it can be much more difficult to achieve your goals but together with your partner, you can. Your exercise partner is like Buzz Lightyear who came to the rescue of his friend, Woody. All alone, Woody was helpless; with Buzz, Woody was set free. Your workout partner is no other than your rescuer.