Ready to Get in Shape? A Straightforward Guide to Gym Workouts for Beginners

Your first encounter at the gym will probably not be as satisfying and rewarding as you hope it to be. You are likely probably going to wander here and there, among bulky men with well-sculpted 6-packs and bulging biceps, wondering when or even if, you’ll ever be able to get where they are. You enter the gym, you don’t know what to do or where to go and you certainly don't know how to use ANYof the equipment! You wander from machine to machine, wondering if going to the gym really is for you. The good news is that every person in that room has been in your shoes, in that very place, wondering the same thing! So, how do you not embarrass yourself on your first day in front of all these men with giant abs and biceps? Well, it’s pretty simple!

1. Hire a trainer

Some facilities offer complementary trainers for you during the first few months of membership. However, even if you need to pay, a trainer will guide you through the exercises recommending the best ones to help you achieve your goal.

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2. Make a friend

Friends help to keep you accountable and motivated. As a bonus, you'll feel more comfortable in a gym environment as you wont feel like you're doing this all by yourself.

3. Ask Questions

If you are not sure how specific equipment works, it’s okay to ask around! Everyone was a beginner at one point! Don’t be nervous, it’s okay to ask.

4. Do your research

Before your first day, research the top gym equipment found in every gym to learn how it works. YouTube videos provide excellent guidance. Being prepared reduces the confusion on your first day and you will have knowledge in how the equipment works.

5. Dress Appropriately

Clothes should NOT get in the way. Wear comfortable clothes that aren’t too tight or too loose. Invest in a good sports bra or high-quality sports vest. Also, don’t forget to get proper gym shoes that will assist with your workout!

6. Don’t overdo it

You’re likely to be very motivated during your first week and over-work your muscles. This can be harmful to your body! Therefore, be sure to stay within your limits. You don’t want to break a bone or two while bearing more weights than you can handle.

The 5 Best Equipment to use at the Gym:

The treadmill will be your best friend. Whether you are a beginner or a frequent runner, the treadmill will provide you with an excellent warm up before the start of any exercises. Simply set the machine according to your preferred level of difficulty and begin warming up all of your muscles for thirty to forty minutes. If you want to take your treadmill workout a step further, try the incline option on the machine.

The Rower is a great option for someone focusing on weight loss, muscle toning and increased heart rate. The rower activates all major muscle groups including back muscles, hamstrings and calf muscles, chest muscles, abdominal muscles and your glutes.

If you are focusing on your upper body, the assisted pull up machine is your go-to equipment. It targets the upper body, primarily the muscles of the back, chest, triceps. The principle of the machine is to use weights to reduce your own body weight. Ironic, isn’t it? The machine builds strength as you pull up your own body. Alternatively, you can push down on weight using one leg to work those glutes. Consider it the total package for strength building.

The free motion cable machine helps to isolate one muscle group at a time, working it to its core. It provides easy motion and controlled movements, lowering the risk of injuring yourself during your workout.

Free weights, on the other hand, are a personal favorite. They allow you to target specific muscle groups but also to customize your workouts. You can work your arms, back, shoulders, legs, and thighs while ensuring you maintain the correct form. Free weights allow you to get creative – you can incorporate weights into a dance routine or add to workouts that are easy for you on their own.

The key factor to remember with the first few weeks of your gym experience is to always incorporate challenge into your workout regimes. If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. Furthermore, it is important to add a fun to your workout routine. Challenge yourself on a regular basis. As a beginner, find what challenges you and what thrills you. When you have found that, you will find yourself working out so casually and fearlessly that it will no longer intimidate you.  You will have joined the group of gym-goers who know their way around the gym. It is safe to say that beginners might even look up to you! Go for the challenge! Get to the gym!