Eat Right and Stress Less: 8 Superfoods That Can Help You Beat Stress

In our busy daily life, we have lots of duties to fulfill, many tasks to complete, and various responsibilities to take care of; trying to make ends meet and to keep our lives moving sufficiently.  Due to the weight and pressure of all of our obligations, we commonly fall victim stress. Stress affects our minds and bodies; resulting in frustration, higher blood pressure, declining health, decreased performance, and a majorly dampened mood. Stress can take a great toll on our physical and mental health! Prolonged and extended periods of stress can result in depression and physical illness. However, we can fight against stress using various methods such as exercise, meditation, and nutrition. It is combat stress by consuming the right snacks in an appropriate quantity. The following food can help overcome stress and won’t have a negative effect on your health.

#1 - Snack on Some Nuts

Instead of indulging in unhealthy snacks such as cookies, chips, or ice cream, try replacing your usual choice of snack with healthier options such as nuts. Pistachios, walnuts, and almonds (to name a few), are a much more beneficial snack to munch on as they are high in advantageous vitamins and zinc that will boost your immune system helping to fight against stress and depression.

#2 - Give Yogurt A Chance

When stress has you feeling down and unproductive, your body will naturally crave something sweeter. If you mind goes to mousse, ice cream, or custard, try replacing these with a cup of yogurt. Yogurt contains probiotics; the helpful kind of bacteria that keeps your system healthy. Yogurt also supplies the body with calcium and protein which will boost your body’s overall performance.

#3 - Go Green with Leafy Vegetables

When stress has got you down, try fighting the urge to indulge in heavy comfort foods that have side effects too, like pizzas, burgers, or pasta. While these choices may be tasty, a healthier choice is to go green and eat a variety of leafy vegetables which are full of folate. Folate creates a supply of dopamine providing the mind with feelings of pleasure and happiness. Eating leafy vegetables is friendly to your overall health resulting in improved mental positivity.

#4 - Can’t Say No To Dark Chocolate?

Fortunately, there is a much happier method to fight stress and ward off depression. Chocolate has the magic to regulate your stress levels by reducing the hormones that cause stress. The sugar present in a chocolate bar releases serotonin in the body which improves mood while the antioxidants present in cocoa cause the blood vessels to relax, thus lowering blood pressure. If consumed in appropriate amounts, chocolate is the best and easiest mood booster and stress reliever out there!

#5 - Milk Is There To Help

Believe it or not, milk is actually friendly to our entire body and our brain.  Milk supplies the body with calcium, protein, B-vitamins, and vitamin D that help strengthen the bones, thus helping muscles to relax. Vitamin D, abundantly present in milk, improves mood and increase feelings of happiness. So, if you feel weighed down by stress, don’t hesitate to try a glass of milk.

#6 - Crunchy Vegetables and Fruits

Munching on some crunchy vegetables or fruits can be highly beneficial in the battle against stress. Fresh, crunchy foods like carrots, cucumbers, celery, and apples are rich in vitamins and nutrients that will combat the effects of stress giving you a satisfying activity without any negative side effects.  As a bonus, healthy foods like these are good for your diet, which are excellent for your overall health, mood, and performance.

#7 - Welcome the Friendly Carbohydrates

When you are affected by stress or depression, carbohydrate levels in your body go down causing you to crave foods that contain a hefty amount of carbohydrates like donuts or French fries; but such foods can also be harmful. A better option is to choose healthier versions of carbohydrates, such as whole grain foods.  The complex carbohydrates found in whole grains provides a feeling of fullness while keeping your blood sugar level steady and is friendly to your health.

#8 - Treat Yourself To Salmon

Salmon is extremely advantageous for your body! It is beneficial for overall health and is good for the eyes as well. Most importantly, salmon contains omega-3 which is important for your heart’s health. In addition, anti-inflammatory properties of salmon help reduce the effects of stress hormones, reducing anxiety and helping maintain a positive and calm stature.

So, the next time stressful situations are occupying your mind and jamming up your body, try using the suggestions in this guide to overcome stress as opposed to succumbing to unhealthy stress reduction such as screaming, breaking down, or stress eating. Take a powerful hold of your mind! Fight the unwanted and unwelcomed stress off with beneficial methods like healthy and mindful eating. Choose foods high in minerals and vitamins that provide the necessary ingredients to overcome stress and depression and to boost your mood, health, and performance level.  Most importantly, don’t let life’s stressful situations bring you down!