Carbs Are Not Evil! How Carbohydrates Fit Into a Balanced Diet

There are seven building blocks for a healthy and balanced diet, including carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and fiber. None of the groups should be left behind or should be consumed in lesser quantities. The recommendation from dietitians all around the world is to have a balanced diet in order to have a proper diet. The perfect diet consists of all groups being equally divided and balanced. So believing  carbohydrates are considered to be bad for your diet, is a complete myth!. Carbohydrates play their very own important part in a healthy diet plan. They should be the main source of energy in a healthy and balanced diet, providing almost 4kcal (17kJ) per gram. Carbohydrates are also one of the main nutrients in the form of a fuel required for the brain, muscles and other body parts to function properly. If you don’t consume enough carbohydrates, the level of sugar in your blood may drop to below the normal range (70-99 mg/dL) which may result in hypoglycemia. All the cells and tissues in your body need carbohydrates, and they are also important for intestinal health as well as waste elimination. Now let’s discuss the merits and demerits of having or NOT having carbohydrates in your diet.

Helps Your Brain Work:

This point tops every other argument off, as the brain is an **actual battery** for your body. Your brain wants carbohydrates to operate properly, because your brain runs on glucose, and you get glucose from carbohydrates. If you don’t have enough of them, your ability to **think, learn, and remember** stuff will decrease resulting in neurotransmitters in your brain not having enough glucose to synthesize properly.  Remember your college days, didn't you perform better on tests with a nice breakfast in the morning?

Fuel for Your Body:

As any other machine or body in general would want fuel to start working, our body requires that power source too, in the form of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates such as sugar and starch are readily broken down into glucose, the body’s primary energy source. Glucose can be used immediately as fuel, or can be sent to the liver and muscles and stored as glycogen. **The body constantly uses and replenishes its glycogen stores.** Its helps you work around the entire day without having you stop and crave for constant naps. No one would want their batteries, as in body energy, to drain out constantly while they are having the best time of their lives!

Bad Headaches:

Lack of carbohydrates can lead to bad headaches and dips in blood levels. Headaches can usually be normal but if you keep getting them constantly, it gets very irritating and can be very harmful for your body and your brain and can often lead to migraines. Bad headaches can usually end up destroying your entire day at work, school or any special event, which probably no one is this world, would want. Headaches are the major contributing factor for a crappy mood and lets face it no one wants to be around someone if they they are in a crappy mood!

Reverse The Weight Loss:

If carbohydrates are consumed in a lesser quantity, you can hit plateaus with your weight loss. When you don’t get enough carbohydrates, your liver tries to make up for it by producing sugar, and when blood sugar rises the pancreas secrets insulin which is your fat storing hormone, so you’ll be **storing fat** instead of **shredding it**. That’s pretty much the exact opposite of what you’re trying to achieve right now!

Constant Hunger:

Lack of carbohydrates can result in you being hungry all the time.  Most healthy carbohydrates filled foods are often stuffed with fiber.  So if you’re not getting enough fiber, you may find your stomach growling all the time, which, I might add, would be absolutely embarrassing if you’re in an important meeting or hanging out with a date! This constant hunger will make you crave for more food and sugary stuff which will lead you to eat more and gain more weight, which is an enormous barrier in your journey to a healthy, fit and fat -free life.

Low Memory Tests:

Studies have showed that not having enough carbohydrates can lead to memory tests being low. The body breaks down carbohydrates into glucose, and uses it as a fuel for the brain and the body. **Less glucose can result in weaker brain activities and low memory tests.** As the brain is responsible for storing all the memory, it will start to lose all the things you try to remember or already remember if the brain activity gets weak and stops functioning in a proper manner. I don’t think anyone would want to sit in the middle of a crowd or at a podium, re-thinking what they had to say. That would definitely be very embarrassing!

Makes You Happier:

The saying that goes ‘pasta makes anything better’, definitely has some truth to it. Want to know why? Because most carbohydrates contain ‘tryptophan’, which helps produce the feel-good hormone known as ‘serotonin’ in your brain. So, without enough tryptophan and therefore serotonin, you’re more likely to get depressed and have sleeping difficulties.  Who, in this world, wouldn’t wish to stay happy and always have a smile on their face? You would too, right? So eat up those carbs and stay away from those reasonless gloomy days!

Let’s face it, most people love carbs because they’re delicious. As Gans said, “if you banish anything from your diet, you’re more tempted to binge on it later. So why deprive yourself of a delicious and healthy thing?” When you can enjoy each and every bite of it as well as get all the nutrients you need to stay fit and healthy!

In conclusion, a low carb diet is always beneficial for weight loss, but some people go overboard.  A well balanced diet and incorporating exercise while making good decisions will lead to success. I hope this article helped you get the right information about the carbs instead of all the myths that had been flying around. So don’t think too hard about the carbs and enjoy them on your journey to the healthiest diet ever!