Breakfast On The Go: 2 Minute Ham, Egg and Cheese English Muffin

You’ve heard the age-old saying that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But, if you’re like a lot of people, you’re skipping it because your mornings are hectic, and you just don’t have time.

First, you’re busy waking up. It takes time to shake off sleep. More than one person has clung to the comfort of their bed and tried to stretch out that little bit of relaxing bliss as long as possible.

Then, you’re slogging through your bathroom routine, thinking of all the tasks you need to take care of that day. Facing your commute, your responsibilities at work, errands you have to run, and can you squeeze in some exercise?

Cooking up breakfast is definitely not on the agenda.

However, there’s are lots of reasons why breakfast is a must.

All those things on your to-do list take energy and breakfast is what’s going to help you power through. Your body can’t function effectively running off the fumes from what you ate the night before.

Studies show eating breakfast has so many important health benefits:

• Improve your metabolism – which burns more calories and leads to long-term weight loss

• Lowers bad cholesterol levels

• Reduces the risk of heart disease

The key to giving your body what it needs to shake off the morning fog and stay full for a while is to make sure you’re not having something unhealthy.

Whipping up something nutritious to start your day doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. Just check out this quick and delicious 2 Minute recipe:

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Cooking Time: 20 minutes


1 Whole Wheat English Muffin (150 calories)

2 Hard Boiled Eggs (156 calories)

1 Slice of Low Moisture Part-Skim Mozzarella Cheese (80 calories)

4 Thin Slices of Deli Cut Black Forest Ham (50 calories)

Pinch of Black Pepper (2 calories)


Toast 1 whole wheat English muffin and split into two sides. Add 1 slices of low moisture part-skim mozzarella cheese (cut in half 1 on each side). Place 4 thin slices of deli cut black forest ham on top of the cheese (2 on each side). Cut two hard boiled eggs in half and place on top of ham. Sprinkle a pinch of black pepper and enjoy!

Nutrition Facts

Total Calories 432

19g Fat

30g Carbohydrates

33g Protein

Let’s break down how this super simple recipe is actually a nutritional rock star:

There might be some raised eyebrows about the English muffin, but the key is to use whole wheat. Although carbs have gotten a bad reputation, the kind found in whole grains are superfoods loaded with fiber and vitamins.

Eggs are a great low-calorie source of protein and nutrients. Boiling them is the best way to avoid any additional fat from cooking in oil while not compromising on taste.

While it might be hard to believe, there are is actually such a thing as good fat. This sandwich recipe is an easy way to incorporate it into your diet with the part-skim mozzarella cheese.

Black forest ham is a vitamin-rich complete protein source that’s low in fat.

Even adding the pinch of black pepper has a purpose, as the spice can combat cancer and stimulate weight loss.

By combining these five ordinary ingredients, you’re getting:

• Fiber

• Protein

• Vitamins and nutrients

At just over 400 calories, this recipe hits the sweet spot for a morning meal.

It’s true. Mornings can be hard. While it might be tempting to just grab a quick donut or muffin, they’re loaded with sugar and have no nutritional value.

This simple recipe proves that with very little effort, you can throw together a breakfast that’s going to help you start your day off on the right foot. • Healthy fats and healthy cholesterol