6 Reasons Why It's Ok To Eat Ice Cream When On A Diet

You might think that to lose weight and go on a diet, you are going to have to completely drop the love of your life that is called “ice cream” out of your life for good. Well, it is time to stop pouting over the fact and cheer with joy because new studies claim that it is totally okay to eat ice cream while you maintain your diet and shed that excess and unwanted weight off of your body. New researches show that eating an appropriate amount of ice cream every day will not harm your body and its metabolism, or hold back your process of losing unhealthy weight that you have been working so hard on. In fact, eating ice cream in moderate amounts throughout the week can actually be good for your body. So now is the chance to celebrate because here is how ice cream as not a bad idea to eat while you are on a diet.

1: Modest Amount of Ice Cream Everyday for A Happy Body:

Acting as a huge favor to all of us lovers of ice cream out there, studies performed about healthy food intake say that eating about a cup of ice cream every day can actually be good for your body and suffice for your body’s daily calcium and sugar requirements, as the main ingredients of ice cream are milk and sugar, with flavors combined with it. That intake will not slow down your weight loss process by loading up your body with extra fat. So if you keep your ice cream intake limited to about one cup per day, you can make sure that your diet is not a sad one, and keep your body and mind happy with little doses.

2: Ice Cream Helps You Fight Stress:

Since ice cream contains a considerable amount of sugar in it as one of the main ingredients, it can help you combat stress. Sugary foods, as their name suggests, bring up your sugar levels which help create a more positive attitude in your brain, producing the right hormones to create a feeling of happiness, calming down the stressful condition of the brain. The main ingredient of ice cream, that is milk, supplies the body with natural tranquilizing agents to soothe your mind and body. A bonus of this factor is that it also helps unpleasant situations like depression, insomnia, irritation, and restlessness.

3: Provides You With Beneficial Nutrients:

As you know, ice cream’s main ingredients are milk, cream, sugar, and flavorings. That being said, ice cream will provide your body with a handful of key nutrients, as well as bone-strengthening calcium and phosphorus, blood-pressure-lowering potassium and energizing B vitamins. Ice cream can be beneficial for your body as all the nutrients provided by it keeps our bones strong and our blood pressure stable that results in a better functioning body. As long as the ice cream intake in under control, it can be a very contributing part of our diet. No one can ever reject a decent scoop of ice cream, so why not enjoy it knowing how advantageous it is for us!

4: Friendly and Soothing For A Sore Throat:

Eating soft, non-irritating foods, sucking on hard candy or ice, eating frozen desserts like popsicles or ice cream and drinking particularly cool or warm liquids could help numb the painful area or soothe a sore throat. The soft texture and feeling of ice cream helps smooth out and numb the rough surface of your sore throat for a very comfortable while. Eventually, the aching throat, if taken care of, will cure easily in nearly no time and will save you from more pain. Might as well take that opportunity to enjoy some deliciously yummy ice cream while you automatically cure that irritating sore throat everyone despises!

5: Gives You An Instant and Effortless Shot of Energy:

Not only does ice cream has great nutritional value, it is also an incredible supply of energy. Ice cream is rich in carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, which are all, required for our bodies to provide energy. It contains about 15 grams in a one-half-cup serving, 7 grams of fat and a couple of grams of protein, creating it an energy-dense food. The proteins present in ice cream helps our body to make and repair muscle tissues. All these nutrients and minerals work along to supply the body some instant boost of energy and mental motivation. This allows a person to get up and perform whatever task or maybe get through the day. Therefore if you wish that sudden burst of instant energy, get up and have some tasty ice cream. Getting up can do half the work anyways!

6: Acts As A Happiness Booster:

Since ice cream has just about everything that is required to fight tension, stress, depression, or sadness, eating ice cream is like giving your body a dose of cold, sweet happiness. Ice cream has everything needed to create the sense of happiness and positivity in your body, ranging from soothing and tranquilizing qualities to getting the happy hormones kicking and working. Therefore, you can have a little bit of ice cream whenever you to color a few dark spots in your daily life without worrying about gaining weight.

Now that you know how ice cream is actually beneficial for our body and our minds, you can use this enlightenment to incorporate the cold, sweet, smooth, and delicious goodness of ice cream in your daily diet, while continuing to work on losing those few pounds that you have been wanting to lose. Of course, excessive use of anything can turn bad and be harmful, so keep the ice cream intake to a healthy amount, because not only will that help you gain necessary nutrients and energy for your body, it will also provide you with the most important thing for a healthy mind and body, that is happiness. All that without jamming up your weight loss process!